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After the Industrial Revolution, human beings came to a new era, which has brought about a drastic change to the whole world in all aspects of life, noticeably in the technological field, whose progress has been by leaps and bounds, and made what formerly believed impossible become a possible. It is obvious that there is a rush toward modern technology for teaching as well as learning nowadays. Learners, especially students have been very quick at embracing technology as the means to reach the most up-dated information in order to open themselves to the world as well as to see how the world touches them. Accordingly, with the help of modern technology, students can learn more information and learn it more quickly.

The first easiest access to information that most students can get is the radio. Since its existence, together with newspaper, radio has helped bring a considerable source of information to mankind.

With a radio, size of a hand, a student can put it in his or her pocket, and tunes in any station to his liking such as a "Songs of Request" programme, and gets to know the latest news of his favourite pop singer star. Whereas, without it, he or she may have to wait for days to see the news to appear in the newspaper. Besides news, entertainment, there are also educational programmes on the radio dealing with the most recent scientific or social issues, which student can tune in when he or she is on vacation, but miss the atmosphere of the classroom, and to update his/her knowledge as well.

Similarly, with its broader influence, television provides students with a wide choice of various informative programmes as well as educational ones, for example, a live speech by the President at a National University; a...