Technology and Science in the 1910's

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What would life be like without cars, stop lights, and movie theaters? Luckily the answer to that dreadful question will never have to be known because the 1910's were full of these luxurious inventions. The people behind the inventions and the actual inventions portrayed how Americans should live their lives. Albert Einstein and Marie Curie helped make the American Dream possible while the Panama Canal, Titanic, Automobiles and Movie theaters made the Dream more accessible and luxurious in the 1910's.

Albert Einstein was the world's greatest scientist with the discovery and development of the theory of relativity. "In 1916, Einstein published his general theory of relativity. He claimed that space is curved by the gravitational forces of bodies in space" (Feinstein 51). Now his theory is used in every day science. By him bring forward this radical idea, which took a while for people to accept, he gave them an understanding of the world and more knowledge than they have had before.

Einstein's "theory was shown to be true with the fission reactions of the atomic bomb" (Tompkins 506). Now that his theory was accepted by the masses, he could put it to good use and further show them what this new knowledge was capable of doing. The United Stated used the atomic bomb in World War II to threaten its opponents. This made America feel superior and unbeatable, just as the American Dream dose when fully acquired.

A wonderful example of womens accomplishments in the 1910's is that of Marie Curie. She was the first woman to win the Noble Prize for Chemistry on November 1911. She later opened an institute dedicated to radio activity in July 1914 and made the Radiological car E in November (Shuba). With these accomplishments, she was able to show women to not be...