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Nicole, senior West High student, has been a teen mother for two years. Nicole works and goes to school, but she is also a full time mom.

"It is a hard job watching over a child and with everything else going on," said Nicole.

Social Worker Janell Bergman works with kids from age three to 14.

Nine out of every ten parents that Bergman works with have to take parenting classes.

"I work with the court system to help kids find families who will care for them," stated Bergman.

Children put into a family have to be seen every 60 days. Children in a group home are seen every three months.

Bergman checks out homes and children for any injuries. When injuries are found, Bergman reports to a judge.

"I feel sad seeing babies having babies," said Bergman. "We need to talk about childbirth at age 12."

Teens choose to have kids because they think it looks cool to others.

Many teens have pressure at home and at school to have children. Many teens think that since everyone else is doing it, I should too.

"Parenting is a great responsibility and most learn they lose freedom," stated Child Care Provider Carolee Bailey.

Teen parenting is very difficult to finish school, find a job, and support a child. Having a child at home makes finding a job with good hours 100 times harder.

Teen parents tend to have kids almost as a tread. Grown parents are more mature and more patient.

Children from teen homes tend to not have a regular feeding and sleeping routine. Children from grown parents have daily routines they follow.

"A care giver has the opportunity to give parents examples of good parenting by being there for questions they may have in learning the responsibility of...