Teen pregnancy.

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Today's female teenagers are in desperate need of attention from their communities, with one of the highest pregnancy rates in the United States, South Texas should implement programs for young woman to avoid becoming a statistic. Family values are declining more and more every year, and divorce rates are rising. This behavior is only conditioning children to believe this is normal, (that being, find a man, get pregnant and lose that man). Young woman need to learn that an education is the most important thing in their lives, and then worry about creating a family. It is basically the same idea that is taught to athletes hoping to become professionals; an education gives them something to fall back on in case of injury or lack of ability. The problem with these young women, lies in the fact that they have learned the state will support their baby's, if they cannot.

If these teenagers were taught how to take advantage of the state funding for college educations, at the early high school stages, maybe they would get excited about their futures. Without some sort of strategy, teen pregnancies in South Texas will continue to be high because of low self-esteem, lack of family involvement and a need for closeness from their male counterparts.

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With the low self-esteem young woman experience in today's society, it is no wonder that when someone of the opposite sex gives them some attention they feed so heavily off of it. When, what they really need is a more positive attitude about who they are. There really needs to be more (real woman), promoting female independence and education. Of course, these women do not offer corporate America a very wide profit margin. This type of capitalist individualistic society leaves the average teenage woman, a...