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Anthony Hernandez

Problem Solving

28 January 2013

My Math History

The history of mathematics and I can best be described as a love-hate relationship. Throughout the progression of my education I have had my ups and certainly my downs with studying math. I have encountered different types of mathematics throughout high school and college and have had a mix of likes and dislikes for various types of math. There is certainly a direct correlation between my liking for a particular math and my grade associated with that specific course.

I discovered early on that the way my brain processes information working with numbers and symbols without direct instructions to follow made studying math very difficult for me. During high school I struggled with upper levels of Algebra and Calculus. I faired better with Trigonometry and Geometry. I feel that I was able to do better in these classes because I had visuals to work with.

In high school I also took a stats class that I did very well in. I enjoyed stats because I liked working with real life information versus formulas and numbers that did not make any sense to me. I tend to understand things best when things are broken down into simple information.

When I entered college I took a business math course that dealt a lot with probability and ratios. Despite my success in stats in high school I struggled with this class. I believe that I tend to think very literal and sometimes not outside of the box when it comes to math. I get lost in calculations that make no sense mostly because I try remembering procedure. This hurts me because not every problem can be approached with the same method. I prefer math that deals with more reasoning than intense formulas and...