Teenage Parenthood

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A child needs a nurturing and stable environment in order to prosper and grow. I feel that only a two-parent household has the necessary means and capabilities to provide this. A child born to a single teenage mother is more likely to be poor and have fewer opportunities. Often times, a teenage mother may be too self-absorbed with her voyage of personal discovery that she may not be able to meet the needs of her child. Having been thrust into premature adulthood, she cannot possibly confront life and challenge parenthood with maturity. Therefore, it can be assumed that a child born to a single teenage mother is more at risk for emotional and other problems than the child of a mature, adult mother.

Sometimes, single teenage mothers have adequate support systems for raising a child. In these cases, their parents often provide a home, financial support and childcare. Some school districts even provide special programs for teen parents which include instruction in careers and parenting experience in daycare setting where they learn how to care for their child's needs; these experiences give the mother social support as well. But unfortunately, these situations are more the exception than the rule.

A single teenage mother has less chance to finalize her education than the average teenager. Her peers may reject her as society deems teenage pregnancy as unacceptable. She may even feel humiliated and ashamed after her pregnancy begins to show; so then she refuses to finish school. When teenage mothers are pregnant, they are least likely to get early and regular prenatal care. There are many teen mothers who receive late or no prenatal care at all. After giving birth, the majority of girls might have to drop out of school in order to take care...