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17 September 2014

First Draft

What was hard for me growing up was how I had to leave my old country and trade off things that a Vietnamese person like me should have had, instead of seeking for the education, the opportunity of changing life in the Unites States .There are always significant holidays to every country. Holiday is define as a day free from work that people may spend time to relax and especially a day of stopping all of the general business activities to celebrate and dedicate a particular event. In religious term, it is a holy day. For example, American people celebrate holidays such as, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hispanics celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and for Vietnamese people, there is a very important holiday which is the Vietnamese New Year. There was an anecdote that thousands of years ago in a small village of Vietnam, there was a monster who came one winter's eve and destroyed the village.

The following year, the monster returned and again destroyed the village. Before it could happened a third time, the villagers worked out a plan to scare the monster away. Throughout the whole village, red banners were hung; the color red had long been believed to protect against evil. Firecrackers, drums and gongs were used to celebrate loud noises to scare the monster away. The plan worked and the celebration lasted several days during which people visited with each other, exchanged gifts, danced, and ate tasty food. ( Iisa Chiu, par3 ).Although, Tet is a holiday and people want to have fun during Tet , it also a time for people to connect and buildup a better relationship between each other , memorize and be filial to their ancestors and also , bring luck and respect to each...