Think about a shopping area near your campus. Assume that you wish to start a business here and are looking for a promising opportunity for a restaurant or a hostel.

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Introduction1.SWOT1.1.External environment1.1.1.Opportunities1.1.2.Threats1.2.Internal environment1.2.1.Strengths1.2.2.Weaknesses2.My plans2.1. Analyse market opportunities2.1.1. Business planning2.1.2. SWOT2.2. Description of my targeted market2.2.1. Strategy orientation2.2.2. Three generic strategies2.3. Targeting marketing process2.3.1. Market segmentation strategy2.3.2. Marketing targeting strategy2.3.3. Marketing positioning strategy3.SummaryReferenceIntroductionAfter a period of time, I have found a suitable place to build a fast food restaurant near my campus. This restaurant is next to blocks from 10 to 30 of Commonwealth road. We have different kind of products; we process and also provide fast food meals and drinks. Because of its place nearby the Commonwealth blocks of the poor and averages, the secondary school, MDIS Uni Campus, offices and especially Commonwealth MRT so the essential and core customers are people from those organisations.

1. SWOT1.1. External environment (OT)1.1.1. OpportunitiesAs the world changes day-by-day, economic growth increases very fast. It leads to the development of potential of service market in cheap and moderate quality ingest; especially when the living standard of people is average and people are busy having a working life, certainly their food and drinks demands just need to be nice and suit the hygiene purpose.

Nowadays, almost every Government including Singapore Government has the policy of encouraging economic components to invest into service area. Moreover, core customers of my restaurant are students and low-class officers. They are people whose demands for fast food are very high and have advantage in location.

Additionally, because of close relationship to local people, we easily get support from them. Funding mostly is from our familiar banks. Some other restaurants' owners are my old friends so we also get supports, helps and experiences from them.

Fourthly, our location is quite bang in the centre of Singapore then the transportation fee is reasonable and we can ensure the fresh of the ingredients and...