Three Takes on New Product Development

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Three Takes on NPD

Global Product New Development(NPD): whether you want to chase emergin markets, source leading-edge technology or just achieve economies of scale, the world-view of new products looms as one of the top challenges foe most manufacturing companies today. The following are the three case study hosted by practitioners and researchers of gobal product marketing team at The Rochester Institute Technology's New Product Development Forum.


Speaker from Xerox emphasized how common goals are central to any multinational team. The first vital step - of achieving consenseus on goals of the program and goals stated a sufficient generality to allow flexibility in achieving these goals by team members. It was essential to the success of the project. This is not always easy. This global product had to be developed for use in Japan, where lightweight paper for printing is typical. The product also take into account of North America where heavy paper is typical and in Europe, where A4 size paper is used.

"Nationaliztion" kits were used to tailor this product to regional needs. Other methodologies enabled a very successful introduction of this product in 28 months total time from start to end.

In order to implement coordination between marketing and product development teams, modular design was used. This allowed delegation of technical tasks, but maintained focus on goals. Reuse was another key guideline on the project. Finally, using a small, tightly knit team was essential. The team operates on the philosophy that it was O.K to make mistakes as long as these were shared with the team so they could be corrected. Better to find out the problems during development and not in customer service. This project will be used as the model foe Verox's new TTM (Time to Market Strategy).

Provided a Framing Exercise on Globalization...