“Tiger Woods”         Eldrick T. Woods was born on December 30,

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"Tiger Woods" Eldrick T. Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California. Tiger Woods received the nickname "Tiger" by gaining it from a man who saved his father's life in the South- Vietnamese War. Tiger Woods is one of today's greatest professional golfers. In this report I will explain to you everything you need to know about Tiger Woods' life.

At age one Tiger Woods was already hitting a golf ball perfect. This seems like a young age, but he was born with a wonderful natural talent that soon would gain he and his family lots of money. He achieved a full time scholarship to Stanford University shortly after High School. Then at age nineteen, Tiger Woods became the youngest ever to win the U.S. Amateur Championship. He received much recognition and was on the cover of every newspaper nation wide.

Soon after, he was accepted into the PGA Tour and played in the Masters Golf Tournament for the first time.

He did not win at the time but other golfers began to recognize his talent. Before he went pro he promised himself to win three straight U.S. Amateur Championships and he did just that. Earning millions of dollars each year, he sponsors Nike Sportswear and Buick cars. Tiger is an average person just like you and me he loves McDonalds cheeseburgers and Taco Bell's Tacos.

By reading this book I learned many great things about Tiger Woods' life. I learned he is an average person just like you and me he loves McDonalds cheeseburgers and Taco Bell's Tacos. I also learned that he makes millions of dollars each year not only for tournaments but also for advertising.

After reading this story I realized he wasn't just a cocky stuck up professional golfer, he was an average person who just had a special talent that made him tons of money. I think strongly of Tiger and think he is influential in many people's lives.

I believe Tiger Woods both influences and is influenced by television. He watched golf as a child and I believe it helped him learn about pro golfers and improve his sport in watching the game. I also think he influenced television by gaining millions of viewers attention wondering what he will do next.

Overall I enjoyed the book and think he is a great influence on television. Many people watch the PGA Tour and the Masters championship. Tiger gained many peoples attention toward the television by being so great at the sport. His father and his life influenced him a lot and I believe that is great. Starting him out with something they both enjoy doing changed the world in my point of view. I enjoyed doping this report and found out many interesting things and how he influenced and was influenced by television of today.