The Time Machine

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To many of us, the possibility of time travel seems to be completely absurd. The idea of someone traveling through the dimensions of space to a time thousands of years from now in only a few seconds is unthinkable. However , H.G. Wells, being such a great author, made this idea almost real in his book, The Time Machine.

The style of writing that Wells uses makes this plot easier to comprehend. In Contemporary Authors , it stated that Wells had always had a fascination with science. He served as an apprentice to chemists and biologists in his teen years and went on to study those fields in college. After he completed his studies he went on to become a teacher and published a textbook for his biology class. I believe that it was this extensive knowledge in these fields that made him such a great author of science fiction books, and makes my book much more believable.

His ability to explain the theories and specifics of the dimensions of space and time paint a very vivid metal picture of the things that the time traveler experiences in his adventure.

As I read the book I began to find out that it was not written only to serve as a imaginative story, it also had some hidden meanings throughout the book.

Wells uses this books as a means of stating some of his strong political views. Satirical type writing is used to compare the society of the Eloi people to what Wells feared the English society would be like in the future. In the book, the Morlocks are forced to live underground and work for the Eloi. The Morlocks are denied many of the privileges that the Eloi enjoy. However, due to the fact that the Morlocks are...