Time travel. Perhaps one of man’s most perplexing mysteries. Is

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Time travel. Perhaps one of man's most perplexing mysteries. Is such a thing actually possible? If we are to believe such books and movies as The Time Machine and Donnie Darko, then the answer is yes: time travel is more than just a dream. Ahh, but sadly in this real life world of cars and planes, a time traveling machine isn't a mainstay for commuters. Let's think about this reasonably and logically. Man-kind most likely won't be doing any time travel soon, or ever (possibly), so why bother to talk about going different places in time? If one could go back to listen to Lincoln give the Gettysburg address, or watch Babe Ruth point out to the outfield and hit home run number 60, would that serve a grand purpose? I suppose the real point about time travel is that it's a selfish thing. For anyone who had it, why wouldn't they abuse it to serve their own selfish desires? You could go anywhere, and see anything.

Heck, you could even interact with the surroundings, possibly ruining the space time continuum. But who would want to do that? Well, I would of course. Not the whole ruining existence and altering history, but just going back in time would suffice, I suppose. The thought of having God-like power is nice, but I'll pass on that one today.

Of all the places and things I could see, I can't even fathom where I would start. Perhaps I would start with a brief jaunt to the pre-historic period, just to see the dinosaurs. Because I mean, after watching Jurassic Park I just have to know if my knowledge about dinosaurs is correct. But if what I've learned from movies is right, I would probably end up getting chased around by T-Rexes and raptors while I yelled and screamed for my life. And let's be honest, why would I want to do that? It'd be good exercise, but then I'd have to risk a chance at becoming disheveled, and when you're time traveling, you just have to look good. So sadly, I suppose I could cross that idea off my list.

Perhaps I could be daring, and go into the future! My mind can only run wild as to what the possibilities are! Flying cars, cell phones that do everything other than let you talk (as if those don't already exist), and jet packs! Just the thought of it makes me almost giggle with excitement. But alas, that too might be unnecessary. Because if I go by what books and movies have taught me, the future will only hold unspeakable horror. While I dodge the impending doom being brought on to me by renegade machines trying to wipe out the human race, I might be able to try to catch criminals as a bounty hunter. Or, I could just sit back and watch what the world will actually come to. That'd be a very poetic trip, if you ask me: having all my questions answered about what's supposed to happen to humanity and what kind of new inventions will be introduced. Now that I think of it, I couldn't do that. What fun would be left if all these important questions were answered? Let me tell you… none at all. So I guess that scratches the future off my list.

If the past is out of question, as is the future, what am I left with? Maybe I'm just not made out to be a time traveler. But oh wait, I think I know. Quite honestly, yesterday doesn't seem so bad. If I could go back to yesterday, I could change all the stupid things I said, and redo all the idiotic moves I made. Because if I have the knowledge of what I did, I could make the next day that much better. If I've learned anything from movies such as Groundhog Day, I know that by doing something like this, I can in fact become a better person and make my life better. And why wouldn't I believe this? Not only could I change embarrassing moments, but I could figure out what I did wrong that day! My tests… aced. Any fights that day? Not anymore. Argument with the parents? Not a chance. Yeah, I think this is the right way to go about things. Who needs dinosaurs and robots!? I've got my life to observe and change. I think most people would find my decision a bit hard to swallow. Out of all of history, I'd only go back to yesterday? "Why not?" I'd simply reply, and that would be that. Because, if I can shape and change history, or just sit back and learn from it, why not have it be my own history? Oh wait, but then I'd have to worry about ruining the whole space time continuum again. And I don't think I can carry that burden on my shoulders, what with ruining existence and all. Maybe I'll just stick to books and movies.