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Your assignment is threefold. Firsty, discuss the reasons for selcting this particular story. Second, state your reasons for the choice of media. And lastly, in your final remarks attempt to address this question: What is to be gained from the adaptation of this tale?

Pink Floyd crossed many boundaries while working on each and every one of their albums produced in their illustrious career. The idea of incorporating a story through songs on an album which all tie to one another was still relatively new in 1973 when "Dark Side of the Moon" was released. It, of course, went on to become the bands greatest success and raised them to instant fame. The band continued to release "concept" albums up until the point of the release of 1979's "The Wall." The album was packaged as a double CD rock opera which depicts the story of a burnt-out rock star whose mental being demonstrates itself as an emotional (and symbolically physical) wall between himself and the cold, cruel world.

The tale begins with the birth of the fictional character, Pink, and follows his life and the hardships which lead up to his neuroses. This story has been adapted into a film medium with positive results mainly due to the large fan base the band had acquired. By creating an adaptation of this fantastic story, newer generations will be exposed to something which they may have not known existed.

"The Wall" was originally released as a motion picture in 1982. This form of media proved the album justice with great acting and animations throughout its entirety. The film had a unique concept where the music of "The Wall" was played while the characters would act out the scene relating to the music. Very little dialogue...