Tools and Techniques

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Tools and Techniques

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Christopher V. Jaques

March 10, XXXX


Tools and Techniques

Good decision-making skill are vital for career success generally, and effective leadership particularly. If individuals can learn to make timely and well-considered decisions then one can often lead his or her team to spectacular and well-deserved success. On the other hand, if an individual make poor decisions, his or her team risks failure and their time as a leader will most likely, come to an up brut halt. Techniques help individuals to render the most advantageous decisions with the details they have on hand. The tools help individuals develop the likely consequences of choices made, expose the significance of individual factors, and select the leading course of action to use. Within this article, a chosen tool or technique that is discussed will focus on the application or examples, and when to use or not use the tool or technique.


The majority of problems are not resolved automatically by the initial idea that comes to mind. To get to the best solution it is essential to consider many possible solutions. One of the best ways to do this is called brainstorming (Process Guide, 1999). Brainstorming is the act of defining a problem or idea and coming up anything related to the topic, no matter how remote a suggestion may sound. All ideas are recorded and evaluated only after the brainstorming is completed (Process Guide, 1999). The resulting outcome of a solution or plan is only as good as the best options and ideas one put into it (Time - Management -, 2002). It is also important how fast individuals can come up with new ideas, as one will need many of...