This is a topical business report on Sprint PCS cell phones and how expensive they are with added conclusions and recommendations.

Essay by mbodus December 2003

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"Sprint PCS picture phones monthly plans are too expensive compared to other companies who offer a similar picture phone" (Odeja). Sprint offers an up-to-date picture phone, but the monthly plan that is offered is very expensive. First, when a customer buys a Sprint PCS picture phone they choose a service plan for their phone. For this piece of hardware, the cheapest plan offered is 500 minutes with unlimited nights and weekends for $50 per month. Comparing this price and minutes offered to other companies, Sprint's monthly price rate per month was a bit high.

"Sprint's cell phones are one of the best in providing service throughout the United States" (Gunther). Providing great service is one of the reasons Dave Gunther, Manger at the Sprint Store in Greenfield, WI, says that Sprints plans are more expensive compared to competing companies.

The reason for having a more expensive plan because the service is claimed to be one of the best, is not a very convincing fact to most customers that want a nice looking phone but a reasonable plan.

Sprint PCS Service Plan

When purchasing a Sprint PCS picture phone and choosing the service plan there is more to the plan that people may not know. First, the cheapest option is 500 minutes with unlimited nights and weekends for $50 per month. Along with having these options, the customer has to sign a two year contract saying that they will stay with Sprint for this amount of time. If the customer chooses to find a different company while their contract is still in place and cancels Sprint's service, it will cost the customer over $100 to discontinue the service. Also, Sprint picture phones automatically come with...