Toronto is a very multicultural city

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Toronto is a very multicultural city. People from many different places immigrate here in order to find a better life. But racist and prejudiced attitudes in Toronto have been a major problem for a long time. There are many racial activities all around the cities and three of the most important issues that are going on are religious, race and age discrimination.

Toronto is a very diverse city. Many different religions' people live here together. Each religion has their own sanctuary; such as church, mosque, temple and synagogue. There is a lot of religion discrimination going on in Toronto. For examples, couple days ago three people got accused for painting a Jewish building and toppling head stones at a cemetery. Also in another place some Muslim women wasn't hired because they wore "hijab". Sometimes students in school get discriminate by other peer because of the way they dress. Basically there are lots of problems with religious discrimination and everyone should step forward to make an end of it.

Racism is another huge issue in Toronto. Sometimes one race's people put down other skin colored people because there's some stereotyping idea going on. And they prefer to hire their own culture's people. But people do say Canada is a multicultural country. As days go on everyone seems to group themselves up. Also there are some terms used by different races that put down others, such as the short of Pakistani - "paki". There also has been a problem that occurred a few months ago in an area when two gangs fought because of this whole culture and race thing it was Russians against browns and one Russian guy got shot. There are many problems related with racism and it should be obliterated from the society of Toronto.

Age discrimination is all about right and responsibility. Toronto is a place where all the new immigrates are arriving; they came here to live a better life hoping to get a job with good income. But after they're coming they finds out that most of the workplaces want to hire someone who have more experience. But if they can't find a job, how are they going to have experience? Some one has to give them a job first. And they end up doing odd job. There are a lot of people living who have no income but still paying every other bill. And that is one of the biggest issues in Toronto. They should not give up and do something useful with the time and that can make a difference in their life.

Therefore by reading this essay we can tell how racism and prejudiced are affecting the people's life in Toronto. All these things brings the negative sides of the people and if they don't try to find a end of this, it's going to be a major issue sometimes soon in Toronto. And we should all start by making a change and stop discriminate the issues of religious, race and age.