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Working as a total quality management (TQM) expert offers many opportunities for me to show organizations how to effectively use TQM models. In my present job, I will determine and select a total quality (TQ) method to present to the organizations leadership for incorporation in the strategic planning process. The model will need to be in line with current organizational strategic plans and increase internal and external customer quality significantly. The chosen TQ method will also have to benefit the organization financially, effectively, and efficiently while still serving the need of TQM.


There are various models available for the organization to choose that will provide a system of evaluation, which will define the area of quality, needs, a process of correction, and a conclusion report. However, each model will need to meet to fit with the organizations mission, vision, goals, and objectives. The various models available are:

- Continuous quality improvement (CQI) - will set a foundation for a continuous improvement cycle

- International Organizations for Standards (ISO 9000 & 14,000) - will not assure end result of improved quality but gives consistent business process applications per Wikipedia

- Value chain analysis - illustrates the activities that take place in the business and relates the activities to an analysis of the competitive strengths offered through the organization

- Six Sigma - is a data driven approach to removing defects in organizational processes

- Lean manufacturing or service - focuses on reduction of various aspects instead of improving those aspects

- Theory of Constraints - approaches problems by finding a root cause then developing procedures to remove the problem

- Just In Time (JIT) - seeks to reduce inventory on a large scale and bring inventory on board as needed


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