Tourism as an agent for Development in Bali

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Tourism as an agent for Development in Bali

We don't have to look at literature too see that the impacts of tourism has been immense in the world we live in. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries, according to WTO (World Tourism Organization) revised estimates total international tourist arrivals worldwide come to almost 595 million in 1996. International tourism receipts for 1996 are estimated to be $425 billion (WTO:1997). An article in the Hutchinson Educational Encyclopaedia (1999) has pointed out that tourism is worlds largest industry. It sustained 120 million jobs in 1995 accounting for 7% of the global workforce (Hutchinson:1999). As the figures show Tourism has a major impact on the world economy, and is progressively being adopted by many Third World countries striving for development. Faced with the severe restrictions of underdevelopment, the decision to encourage tourism is being made more and more by developing world governments.

In studying the wide ramifications tourism has on the areas and people concerned, it is feasible to analyse its success in the developing countries as a development strategy.

The aims of this essay therefore, are to study the growth of tourism as a means of development in Indonesia which is considered to be a developing country (Hitchcock: 2000). I will look at current literature to study the ways in which my chosen case study of Bali, Indonesia is approaching its rapidly growing tourist industry. I will analyse the information in a suitable way to find out if tourism is the best agent for development for Bali. My choice to carry out an essay on tourism development in Bali was made predominantly out of interest and my desire to visit the country.

I will look at the development of tourism in Bali with reference to the current literature in this...