Training and Mentoring Program

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Running Head: Training and Mentoring Program

Training and Mentoring Program

Milton Ramos

University of Phoenix

HRM 531 Human Capital Management

Group: PA10MBA02

Instructor: Kristine Pak

April 22, 2010

Workshop 3 Assignment 3


As part of our merger, business strategy for growth and strategic positioning we have restructured our sales team and organization staffing to accommodate the required changes for growth. Interclean/EnviroTech will provide complete services and solutions and make the solutions and services safe for the customer, employees, and public. To accomplish the organizational goals Interclean/EnviroTech will be focusing on developing a comprehensive organizational and individualized training program for the employees who have been selected to lead the strategic objectives. The management team has identified the training and mentoring needs, training and mentoring program objectives, performance standards, and alternative venues.

Interclean/EnviroTech is using the three phase instructional model for training (Cascio, 2005).

Using the three phase model Interclean/EnviroTech managers and human resources have successfully taken inventory of the current skill level of the new sales team through the assessment phase. Understanding the current skills, gaps and areas for improvement allowed us to develop and create a training plan that will be aligned with the strategic direction. By developing, understanding, and using the evaluation phase, we will be able to modify training, understand the areas for improvement, provide a continual stream of communication, and provide information on what specific training activities have occurred as a result of the training program (Cascio, 2005).

Training and Mentoring

Interclean/EnviroTech will use three methods to train and mentor the new sales group as a team and to meet individual needs. We will present the information through lectures, conferences, interactive multimedia, Internet, and intranet. Simulation methods will include behavior modeling, role playing, business simulations, and case studies.