Treasury Human Resource Management

Essay by tlorandUniversity, Bachelor's February 2004

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The aim of the report was to explore the human resource management style of my company. The given conditions of the report length and the size of the company don't allow me to review the whole organisation's human resource management. Therefore the subject of the research was to discuss the organisation present recruitment and selection method and compare it with the possible best practice models from the given literature.

I have to use another restriction, because the special status of my area. The Treasury Department is a well-separated independent area of the Bank. The human workforce has a very specific knowledge, and this kind of work needs high level of confidential attitude. The dealer society is an exclusive group, the level of newcomers is very low, but the flow of the dealers between the competing Treasuries is high.

For the time being I am a dealer in this department, I was one of the lucky newcomers, who managed to take a seat in a dealingroom direct after the university.

During my dealer carrier in the Bank I have had opportunity to look into the processes of recruitment.

After these restrictions the subject of the research is the recruitment and selection method of the workforce of the Treasury department.


During the report I will rely on my personal experience, and the discussion with one of the managers of the bank's human resource department.

First of all in the research I will place the recruitment and selection in the field of human resource management and examine the involved departments of the case process. Than I will follow the stages of the recruitment and selection process of my organisation, from the requirements of the position to the follow up. I will try to point out of the weak points of this...