Trends in organizational behavior

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INTRODUCTIONTrends in organizational behavior affect organizations on many levels. Decision making affects our organizations daily. Decisions of different magnitudes have to be made quickly and effectively, and at the same time should be made ethically. Thus surrounding ethics on decision making and the impact of technology on work related stress. Stress in the work place can be hard on all of us, especially when technology is involved.

DECISION MAKING ETHICSThere are different routes which people take for deciding on a decision. One of the environments is called the risky zone. This is when all of the facts are not present, but the probability of the outcome is known. Most of the decisions make in business today are usually made by taking risks. The uncertain environment is an additional way to look at decision making. This happens when superiors do not have all the facts, and they are unable to determine a probable outcome based on previous experience.

One more way superiors make decisions is by probability. This is when the outcome of a situation can be projected, by similar outcomes in the past. Sometimes a supervisor may find themselves involved in a ethical dilemma, if the decision they decide upon does not respect the dignity of all involved. Decisions that are accomplished by virtual teams can be ethically risky since what might work in one end of the country might not work in another. According to Hunt, Osborn and Schermerhorn “An ethical dilemma was defined as a situation in which a person must decide whether or not to do something that, although personally or organizationally beneficial, may be considered unethical and perhaps illegal. Often, ethical dilemmas are associated with risk and uncertainty, and with non routine problem situations.” Using my office as an example of the techniques described, the...