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"Courtney walked across the room, stood beside a student that she did not like, bent over and unleashed a tremendous fart in her face." That was engraved in black ink on my office referral. My story on the other hand was that I had simply gotten up to sharpen my pencil and accidentally passed gas, that was my story and I was sticking to it. After all passing gas is natural right? I received 10 days out of school suspension complimented by tribunal. Things weren't looking good. "What about my friends?" "Where would I attend school?" "What would I tell my mom?" These were the thoughts that ran through my head.

"Are you a girl or boy?" That was the question, that was how I officially met Ann Shigley and that was the start of this whole ordeal. How could she not know I was a girl, we were on the same track team.

She was deaf in one ear but that couldn't have affected her eyesight. She always harassed the other kids in the class for example: a girl walked in with a red suit silhouetted with green, she blurted out "I thought it was April Fools, not Christmas." Since she was handicapped nobody ever said anything back to her they just secretly talked in the midst of themselves about how much they despised her. So being the passive aggressive person that I am, I let it slide. The next day Ann placed some expired coupons to Pizza Hut on my desk. That was the last straw something had to be done and it was going to be done by me. The class was quite I grabbed my pencil, walked over to Ann, tooted my butt up and let out a huge fart right in her face,