The True American Dream, Is the title.

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Many people throughout the United States have achieved their true american dream; the dream could be simple, such as just owning a small house. The dream could also be big, like having a high rank in the United States Army serving and fighting for their country. It all depends on the type of person you are; no two people are the same, that is what makes us humans special, each in our own way. Even little kids have dreams and goals they would wish to accomplish when they get older, each time they get older their dream becomes more understanding, and also develop throughout the years.

Their have been many people in different areas of United States that have made their american dream a reality. The way they make their dream a reality is by working hard and saving up enough money to buy a good home and a good car suitable for their family.

The american dream has changed a great deal throughout the years. Back in the day, people just wanted to own a piece of land, that was good enough for them. That was more like their true purpose that they had planed to accomplish when they arrived to the United States. Now-a-days, people have developed their dreams a great deal. Today in the modern society people have chosen to receive a good education and graduate from college and receive a high paying job. Then later on own a couple of houses and a couple of cars to be able to maintain their family.

I bet that when people were first coming to the United States they really didn't have many goals or big dreams of their new home. They probably were just trying to get by one day at a time. I believe that not...