Truth Vs. Lie: Mexicans.

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When it comes the time to stereotypes, some people believe on them and some do not. There are stereo types for cultures, families, ages, even religions. Stereotypes are made of from attitudes, beliefs, ideas and personal traits. I truly believe that some stereotypes reveal the reality of certain groups- however, not all of them. Many, and I would say most stereotypes, do not reveal the reality of the group that is being observed. The stereotype that states that Mexicans do not care of success on education is not true; the reality is that they do care on education like never before; consequently, many Mexicans are becoming professional, and social classes are emerging.

Even though the stereotype seems to be more true than the actual reality, the reality is that Mexicans care about the education of their children; consequently, many professional jobs are being created. If you ask a person from another race living in the US about the stereotype, he would tell you that the stereotype is true because just a few Mexicans living in the United States hold professional jobs.

However, many Mexicans that live in the US have a degree, but the the degree has not helped them to get the best jobs that are out there. I myself, in the US, have seen Mexicans doctors, teachers, computer programmers, and many more professional working in construction companies getting paid a very low salary. Many Mexicans are educated, and many have a degree on some field; unfortunately, they do not have documentation- they are immigrants.

Critics created this stereotype because they see many Mexicans involved in gangs, drug trafficking and other illegal acts- they commit atrocities around the country. Indeed, this is true; however, the reality behind this stereotype is way too different. Many of the people join gangs...