Turks in netherlands

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Turks in Netherlands

Migration is a spatial phenomenon. Migration is often defined as a permanent and long-distance change of the place of residence, as a short-distance move is regarded as local mobility, and moves of short-term residents are regarded as temporary mobility. In studies of international migration, to stay is equivalent to remaining within the national borders. (23, Malmberg- international migration, immobility and development) When we compare it to other forms of spatial mobility, migration is more of a dramatic change in people's lives. It's a definite relocation of the base of everyday activities. People's lives change all of a sudden and they start a new life trying to adapt to a new culture. This is not easy. They leave behind the life that they have used to, the culture they are born into and come to a different country where people act them like aliens or some sort of a threat to themselves.

There are many disadvantages as there are advantages being the reason of their migration. There are many disadvantages that are encountered by immigrants such as economical, social, educational and also political. Firstly the economic disadvantage is very obvious and is experienced by most migrants and refugees. They must flee from their own country because of different reasons such as war, unemployment etc. and during this they usually don't have enough money so that they can use in another country and they can not even gather enough resources for their journey. Most immigrants come from third world countries and must use all their money on getting out of the country. Therefore when reaching that country they are very disadvantaged economically. They not only are disadvantaged when they leave their home country but also even after settling in the host country. Immigrants have trouble finding jobs and if...