Turning Points in Canadian History

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A turning point in history is an event of series of events after which a country or person or group is not the same; things have gone in a different direction. A turning point in Canadian history is very important moments in which have pushed the country forward positively. This will impact the country beneficially. In this essay, the issues that will be discussed are the Statute of West minister, the invention of the automobile, and finally, the person's case of 1929.

The statute of Westminster is an agreement between Canada and Britain to grant Canada and all other commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand, to be equally separated from Britain. It allowed Canada and the commonwealth to have more control over foreign affairs. This meant that Canada was now a more free-governing nation and would be less dependent on Britain. Soon after, the Balfour Declaration was established and this allowed Canada and the Commonwealth of Nations to have complete control over its foreign affairs.

This was indeed a major turning point in the history of Canada.

The invention of the automobile was also a beneficial invention to the economy of Canada and to the rest of the world. With this invention, it opened the market after the stock market crash of 1929. It also opened up many spin-off industries within the United States and Canada. It also created jobs and helped people after the Great Depression. These help bring Canada out of the Great Depression.

The Person's case of 1929 can most defined as the case of women. This is because before this day, women were not considered persons under the federal. The passing of this act united the women of Canada. It allowed them to be recognized and granted them almost the same rights as men. They...