Two Koreas near End of Talks.

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North and South Korea have technically been at war since 1950-1953. The Korea War might have ended with a truce; however, it did not end in a peaceful treaty. For 25 years South Korea proposal suggestions to North Korea. For example, to having two Koreas eternally station liaison officials in respective capital; plus creating a joint program to train economic officials. South Korea also suggest that they should determined the fate of South Korea prisoners of war and to let North Korea allow the abductees that are believed to live in North Korea still from the war free.

Unfortunately North Korea never accepted the terms until now. There's been a final extend of "high-level" talks with extreme negotiations to lessen military issues between the main border line between them in hope to boost economic cooperation. There have been international talks in Beijing, China already between North and South called six party talks they struggle.

Although it's been a while now both Koreas have been going through these "talks" dealing with North Korea's nuclear weapon program South Korea sees this as an opportunity to join in the issue of the Hyundai Group.

Overall North Korea only demanded an end to joint South Korea U.S. military drills. This is due to North Korea's frustration to a top official, South Korean, who developed close personal ties with North Korea officials. In the time being though it seems to be South Korea's main goal for now is to call inter-korean defense minister's meeting to think of ways to easing military tension across the border line in between them.

This would be a great step for both North and South Korea to start getting along and finally sign that peace treaty. I like to believe its about time for North Korea to join...