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Juvenile Justice Teenagers who commit a serious crime need to be tried as an adult and those whos crimes arent as serious should be tried as juveniles. The courts need to be more strict on those who do commit serious crimes, such as rape, murder, and drug trafficing. Everybody deserves a fair trial, juvenile or adult, but the punishment should fit the crime.

"On any given day in 1994, there were approxemently 234,000 offenders convicted of rape or sexual assult." The difference between a juvenile crime and an adult crime is easily observed. There should be no questioning on which crime is serious and which crime isnt. A 14 year old boy named Manny was convicted of rape in juvenile court. The D.A. wanted to try him as an adult but he was found to be fit for the juvenile system on four of five counts. He served only 56 days and got out on good behavior.

He received no sexual offender counselling while in jail or when he got home.

A six year old girl akes a gun to schooland shoots a classmate, a 13 year old boy shoots and kills an 18 year old, and a 17 year old boy and two gang members attack a pregnant women and stabed two men. Even though they were three different people who made three different choices each person was in the same state of mind when they committed their crime.