Is U.S.A developing?

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I am writing this letter to inform you of just how appalling the situation of the population crisis really is in my country. We need more help. Poverty, deforestation, soil erosion, lack of water, extensive agriculture, illiteracy, lack of family planning, popualtion growth rates and income are just some of the issues we are facing. Food supplies, education of young children and family planning for women in some articles have been mentioned as population crisis problem solvers.

Our population growth rate is 1.7% and is increasing rapidly each year. This is still with one of every six Haitians living overseas. Even though we have been receiving help from the U.S in food aid in our most deprived areas, we still have 80% of the population living in abject poverty. Our GNP per capita ranges from $250 to $1,700 per year and is declining at an alarming rate of 5.2% a year.

70% of Haitians rely on the income of the agriculture section of the labour force which includes mostly small-scale survival farming and employs about two-thirds of the economically active work force. Deforestation is another issue in Haiti because most of the remaining forested land is being cut down and used for fuel and cleared for agricultural use! Soil erosion and a lack of purified water are just some examples of some other important issues Haiti is now facing. Another issue is the lack of land. We don't have enough land to cater our food and resource needs. We don't even have enough resources for export and import materials.

The level of education in Haiti is shocking. More than half the population is illiterate, 58% of females and 48% of males, meaning that half the population does not have accurate knowledge of the damage to the world they cause by...