Understanding issue in Islam

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Understanding Issues in Islam

The media has the unique and often grueling responsibility of reporting fair and unbiased news stories. This makes the role of the media as informer and educator to the American public a crucial one, particularly when they are reporting to an American audience about Islam. The media and how it's affecting Muslims on a daily basis. Since 9/11 took place in September 2001, Muslims all over the world especially in the United States have been treated as a culprit. Since then on media has been presenting Muslims negatively to the world, the media changed the good image of Muslims in to horrific figure. If you look back before 9/11 occurred the Muslims were known for their religion, and culture honesty no one knew that if Afghanistan even exist. The media portrays Muslims as if criminals (especially Afghans and Arabs).

The event of Sept. 11transformed life for Muslims all over the world and in the United States, throughout the years Muslims have been tortured, bullied, shot, killed by others.

Let's take the Iran prison scandals for instance, American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners have shocked the world, and rightly so. There are no justifications for what American soldiers did to those prisoners though did treat them as animals. However, it does not matter whether those prisoners were guilty of some crime, or not. After all, it is against international law and against all humanitarian values as well. I personally believe that as much as Muslims has been tortured in the name of religion, no race has been tortured at this extent. It's my earliest memory. I was fourteen years old; we were living in a downtown of New York City. My mother and I were waiting for the bus at the bus station; we had been...