Understanding the Opposite Gender - A comparison of Men and Women in how they relate to each other and why.

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Jared, a very average man with standard looks, finally finds a woman, named Stacy; he is attracted to both physically and chemically. After working up the nerve he decides to ask her out to a movie. She accepts his offer and they have a great time together. In a couple days Jared asks Stacy out again, this time to eat at a fancy restaurant. As before, they have a wonderful evening filled with laughter and heightened emotions. Pretty soon they decide to see each other exclusively. After some time of dating, while driving home in Jared’s car, something occurs to Stacy and without realizing she says it out loud:“Jared, tonight is our six month anniversary.”Jared remains silent. To Stacy the silence is excruciating and seems to last for eternity. She begins to think about what they’ve been through in the past six months.

“He probably didn’t want to hear that.

Maybe this subject makes him uncomfortable. He always seemed uncomfortable when we talked about our future. What if our relationship makes him feel confined? Am I pushing him into something he doesn’t want?”Next to her in the driver’s seat Jared is thinking: “Wow, six months? It’s been that long? Hmmm, that would mean that we started seeing each other back in March. That was when I took the car to the dealers. Let me see here… Oh shit! The car needs another oil change, and soon too!”Stacy is thinking: Is he afraid to commit? He can’t be. We’ve been dating for six months. No man afraid of commitment would date for that long. Maybe he’s just not ready to get married yet. Are we heading toward marriage? Toward children? Toward a lifetime together? I don’t think I’m ready for that! I don’t know Jared enough to know whether or not...