Understanding Writing as Process

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At times I'm the sort of student who works hard at the last minute. (a procrastinator to be exact) Most of the time depending on the assignment I start early making multiple drafts until I'm satisfied with the perfect final draft. This method to me always works out for the best because I feel I'm not under as much pressure as I would be if I were to always save it for the last minute.

When I get what's called a "writer's block" I usually go online and search for ideas to help me out or I just take a break altogether to take my mind of the project entirely. By doing this I find myself a lot more refreshed & ready to move forward with my work.

In the book it asks if I would prefer to write with pencil/pen and paper or on a computer and I would have to say using the computer is my #1 preference.

The computer is so much more convient to use as apposed to writing because it takes longer to write everything you feel at the particular time or place as a computer is fast and easy to use. I also have to say I type my thoughts and emotions a whole lot faster than I would if I were writing because when I write I could easily forget about what I was thinking because it takes so long to write whereas on the computer I can type a whole bunch of words per minute. Another thing I love about using the computer is definitely the fact that I can change anything with the click of a button as apposed to me writing it where I would have to white-out everything making the paper messy & unorganized. I like using the...