Unexpected vampires at dawn.

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I wake up. It's still dark outside. It wasn't the alarm clock that woke me up. It was some voice inside me whispering: "DANGER... DANGER..." I look around the room apprehensively, the blood in my veins running icy cold. Perhaps some maniac has sneaked into the house and my instinct shook me up. But everything seems to be all right. The street lamp outside my window is off and I can't see very well, but also I don't feel any presence. I look at the clock. Twenty past five. Damn! I could have slept another hour, at least. Now I have to leave my bed in the dark. That stupid feeling of sneaking danger!

The darkness begins to dissolve. The sun will soon rise above the horizon. My cat, Clara, jumps onto the bed and snuggles beside me, purring. How sweet she is! But, instead of leaving me alone, the terrible premonition strengthens its grip.

I look around and the horror benumbs my body. Clara feels my nervousness and lifts her head. I look into her bottomless green eyes and it's as if I am drowning into them. But these eyes are definitely not a pleasant or comfortable place to be. This is the abyss of horror, blind horror, of panic, of deadly fright. Suddenly I realize: I woke up because I was horrified of my cat. If the sun were shining, if the situation was different, I would have laughed the whole idea off. But I am here, now, and the dread's icy fingers are reaching for my heart. I want to hug my kitty, but some voice whispers to me, warning: if I do, Clara would jump up to my face and scratch my eyes out. I'd see nothing but complete darkness, I'd only feel the sharp...