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During the early parts of the industrial revolution, the concept of unions was developed. People were working in the farmlands at the time and left farming to work for employers for low wages and horrible work environments. This occurred when the labor union was first developed due to the conditions of the workplace were not desirable. The union's main agenda was to fight for power of the employers and the low ranking employees in the workplace to make sure there was a quality equal-ground between both parties.

Unions first started out as being illegal in most countries. There were penalties given to individuals for attempting to organize unions and were sometimes executed as a form of punishment. Despite the threats, unions were still developed and eventually caused the development of labor laws in the workplace. In today's workplace, governments are not allowed to impose bans on individuals joining a union.

Most countries now have different types of unions except for the authoritarian governments who banned them in their countries.

There are several types of unions in today's companies. First is the closed shop union where a business is only allowed to hire a worker if he is already part of a union. In this version, a person must belong to a union hall and process all employees' direction from the hall in order to hire the individual. The second possible union is a union ship. Under this union, a businessperson can hire anyone he or she want to, but the worker must join the union within a certain amount of time. The third union type is the agency shop. This option is where the employees may choose not to join the union but they are required to pay a nominal fee to the union for services in negotiating their contracts.