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There are six items. There are two books, one called "Persepolis", the other is called "Jerusalem". Other four items are Logitech, long eye in supy, which is a can food, type writer ribbon and Trojan horse. They are in different colors and shapes. However, five of them are related to each other and one of them is not. From the material, color and shape, I can determine with one is the exception.

First, let me start from the material. Two books are having a hard and smooth cover and they are made by papers. The Logitech is made up of plastic and it is hard. The long eye, which is a can food, the can is made of tin and it is hard. For the typewriter ribbon, it put inside a plastic box to protect the ribbon. The box is also made of hard plastic.

These five items are not easily to break. However, for the Trojan horse, it is made out of soft paper and has a rough surface. There are many little papers stick on the horse for decoration. It is so easy to break or damaged by others.

Second, the colors of the five items are dark color. The book of "Persepolis", the color is mainly dark blue. The book of "Jerusalem", the color is white and blue. The color of Logitech is yellow. The color of the can of long eye is dark green. The color of the container of the typewriter ribbon is red. Although red is a sharp color, but when you look at all the items at the same time, the thing that attract you most is the Trojan horse. It is because it has the brightest color and it gets other's attention first.

Third, you...