UNIT; Finance Operations In Leisure Financial Investigation in to a Leisure Organisation

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Finance Operations

In Leisure

Financial Investigation in to a Leisure Organisation

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Manchester United - Company Information

Chairmen's Statement - Sir Roger Gardner


In this assignment I will be producing a report that examines the financial performance of a company, by comparing their financial statements. For the report I will be looking at Manchester United. The following is a list of the criteria I must follow during the report;

· You must select a public limited company within the leisure industry and obtain a copy of its annual financial accounts

· You must produce a brief report style document, which examines the financial performance and position of the organisation

· Your report should provide a brief summary of the decisions you would take, considering the information you have obtained from analysing the accounts

Manchester United - Company information

'Manchester United - More than a football

club, a global brand' 1

Manchester United's could be said to be the most successful football team in the world.

During its 125-year history, Manchester United has won almost every major trophy in club football, including 15 English League Titles, 10 FA Cups and two European Cups. In the 1998-99 seasons, the club became the first to win an historic "Treble" of the Premier League, the FA Cup and the European Cup. In business terms, Manchester United is the most consistently profitable club in world football. In its most recent financial accounts, it reported record pre-tax profits of £39m on annual revenues of £173m for the year to July 31, 2003.

Manchester United's ambition to be the most successful team in football has been achieved by developing a successful and sustainable business. To this end, the football and commercial operations of...