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ARTICLE IDENTIFICATION: Freedman, Leonard; 1995; Evaluation of Human Behaviour:

A Human Biological Prospective; South African Journal of Science, Vol. 91, pa 443-451.

OBJECTIVE: To review the on-going evolutionary process of the biosphere, particularly

as it relates to humankind. Explain the phenomenon of on-going evolution, the process

of natural selection, and the emergence of the Homo sapiens.

FINDINGS: The evolution of the universe was an immensely long, continuing, but

punctuated phenomenon which resulted in three successive phases of evolution. The last

phase - prebiotic (or inorganic phase) encompassed the formation of the earth, life on

earth, and the ongoing process of evolution. The ongoing process of evolution generated

a set of laws, whose evolutionary mechanism underlying these laws is the process of

natural selection. The data presented supported the author's objective and was

consistent with the text concerning the role of natural selection in evolution. Natural

selection was identified as the guiding force to aid new life forms to adapt.

It also

provided the check and balance necessary for the stability of the biosphere as a whole.

The journal indicates as living forms evolved, together with parts of the planet,

atmosphere or immediate habitat, they constitute the biosphere.

STUDENT EVALUATION: I am a firm believer in creation. For this reason, I have never

been an avid supporter of Charles Darwin or the theories of evolution. Therefore, as I

read the text and the journal I came to the conclusion that evolutionary theories, to

include the supposed evidence of natural selection and adaptation, are merely complex,

scientific terminology with no factual evidence to support its suppositions. Their

explanations resemble a circle or life chain in which everything within that circle is

dependent on something else in order to survive. I believe this is more consistent with

creation than evolution as...