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2 SEP 2002 GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY Then need for the intelligence community to grow has become obvious. There is no longer a safety zone within the United States against global threats. The position that the United States took after the War of 1812, actually the war that lasted from 1812 to 1815, was known as the Monroe Doctrine, and this standard of protecting America only has been the cornerstone of all policies even after World War II. The twenty-first century will require more than the United States? own intelligence effort. The need for a global intelligence action has become apparent.

On September 11, 2001 terrorism from abroad became a reality. There is no way for the United States to prevent future attacks on Americans without working as a coalition force with the other nations to identify, track, and eliminate terrorist networks around the world. One of the main problems with fighting a war on terrorism is that the nations of the world have become to accustomed to working alone as individuals vice working together.

The United States will need to change its approach in order to conquer the worldwide threat of terrorism. The way to defeat terrorism at home and around the world is to form an international counter-terrorist task force.

In order to prevent future acts of terrorism on the United States and around the globe, the free-nations of the world will have to come together and form a large task force to counter against the terrorist threat. The main problem with forming a world wide counter-terrorist headquarters is that there is no one single definition of terrorism. Each country has a definition of the word ?terrorism? based on the political stance that the country takes on use of force (UNITAR, 29). The United Nations must first...