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Midget Village One Saturday night, I left the house to go to a friend's house, and the last words that came out of my parent's mouth was to be careful. That statement went in one ear and out the other. People never think that anything would ever happen to them because they take their safety for granted. I told them that I am always careful and I'll be home soon, so I left.

I started up my car and fished around in my back seat for my CD case so I wouldn't be bored for the twenty-minute ride to my destination. I was driving my Ford Probe that I had just bought two weeks ago. I was feeling like a million dollars in my new car, even though it was a used, it was new to me. I was driving the speed limit and sometimes I was driving slower than it was because I wanted people to see me in it.

Since I was doing that, the ride was taking more time than I expected and I knew my friends were waiting for me. Singing to my favorite CD in the car got me a bit thirsty, so I stopped at the seven-eleven to buy a slurpee.

I parked the car and went in. I greeted the people working at the cash register and went into the back of the store and proceeded to get my slurpee. I happened to glance over my shoulder and I saw that the people working in the store were following me around the store as if I was going to steal something. This got me frustrated and mad because that is racial profiling and I don't like to be judged by the color of my skin. I confronted the employee and asked him flat...