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Jesus Gonzalez English *** Ms. teacher Month, day, Year Five Senses Aging "Aging is a process of one getting older..." (Medina 4). As one gets older changes will occur. "It might start with a line a cross the forehead that deepens in to a wrinkle or skin that suddenly appears dull looking" (Tomas E1). No mater what the situation aging has many different processes. This literary composition will show the different changes that the senses go through when aging takes place.

Seeing is one of the senses humans have. Although humans really see with their brains the eyes are the key tools that help the task of seeing. Unlike other parts of the body nearly every part of the visual system is affected by aging. It causes us to lose certain functions as we age like loss of color to how the way we see near and distant objects.

"The cornea, that fluid-filled bad which guards the entrance to the eye, ages as we get older...by the time we get to the age of 60, the bag brings to flatten, which alters our visual field" (Medina 189). Perhaps the most interesting aspect of our vision system's aging has to do with color perception. As we get older the lens not only thickens but also takes on a yellowish color. This reduces our ability to discriminate between colors.

Hearing is also one of our senses and as we get older the ability of hearing gets weak. Once we age the pinna, the outer ear, losses some flexibility. As a result it begins to droop, becomes longer and wider and more filled with hair. This does not greatly affect our hearing, however, some events that occur in the external part of the earwax, also known as cerumen, becomes drier and less...