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U.S. Census Case Critical Issues 1. Marketing for MSO products and services to internal and external customers.

2. MSO tasks and activities after 2000 census.

3. Opening new markets and expanding existing ones.

4. Internet sales for data products Problem Statement What markets, products, and services should the MSO focus on, and how? Best Solution Outline I feel that the MSO should concentrate and develop a unique and hands-on website that tailors to the needs of financial institutions and single customers both domestically and internationally. A support staff should be developed to handle problems that may arise with orders and other online activities associated with the new website. The support staff should include several web designers/operators, multi-lingual phone operators, institutional and individual consumer specialists (data product salespersons).

I also feel that the MSO and the U.S. Census Bureau should try to create partnerships with other census bureaus around the world and try to increase sales through joint ventures with these agencies.

Hopefully, with the new website and several new partnerships domestic and international sales of data products will increase.

I believe the internet can provide a free and highly visible presence for the MSO and the U.S. Census Bureau. Due to the global reach of the newly created website, external, internal, domestic, and international clients can access the data product catalogue that the U.S. Census Bureau provides.

Strategic Concepts 1. Segmentation 2. Partnerships 3. Public Relations 4. Advertising