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Analysis of Dell Corporation and how it's Stock Can Be a Prospective Investment

Company overview

Dell is a Delaware company that was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell who currently is the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company started as PC'S Limited with a capital of $ 1000. The founder had a vision to change the way technology was designed, produced, marketed and sold. The company's first computer was built in 1985 and the buyers were offered specialized assistance at their homes when they experienced any problems with the working of the computer. In 1988, Dell had their initial public offer which raised a total of $ 30 million. This raised the total market capitalization for Dell to $85 million. Up to this time, Dell only produced PCs, but in 1989 they produced the first laptop computer. The first subsidiary of the company was formed in the UK in 1987, with other subsidiaries formed in Ireland, Middle East, other parts of Europe and Africa in 1990.

The expansion of the company has been first with branches opening in Asia Pacific and Japan region, Americas region and Europe Region. The headquarters of the company is in Austin, Texas but it has several manufacturing plants in different parts of the world such as Tennessee, China, Ireland, Brazil and Malaysia (Dell, 1994).

Products of Dell Incorporation

Dell produces computers (PCs), software and associated services, laptops, servers and network systems, storage and enterprise systems. Over the years the products and services have continued to grow (Sloane, 2011).

Dell Inc. Financial Statements

The company's financial statements for the fiscal years (FY) 2009, 2010 and 2011 have shown a continued growth in the profitability of the company. Dell realized a net revenue growth of 16% from $52.902 billion in 2010...