Using Technology to Cheat

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Teenagers and adult students are increasingly using technology to cheat. Technology is very useful and very accurate when it comes to supporting our lifestyles but students are taking advantage of technology in more ways than one. Listed below are some of the ways that students use technology to cheat.

•Cell Phones have many features that are related to the features of a computer. (The University of Alabama Computers and Applied Technology Program ,2006) Cell phones with cameras and text messaging features allow students to send text messages or picture messages with answers to exam while in class.

•Some students use the internet to cheat. There are paper mill sites that sell research papers for a fee to students. Students also use the cut and paste feature to cheat when during research on the internet.

•Students also use tape recorders to cheat. They record their notes to play back on hidden earpieces during exams.

•Students can use programmable calculators to cheat by storing math formulas or answers in them. Calculators that communicate with infrared technology is another way to cheat. Students can send information across the room with them.

•Student use scanners also known as C- pens to cheat. These pens store information that can be accessed at any time.

•Jump Drives are being used by students to cheat also. If computers are used for testing students can take notes to and from the test to share with other students.

•Some students are paying ghost writers to write their papers for them.

As you can see from the list earlier there are many ways for students to cheat using technology but there are also many ways to stop or detect cheating. Listed below are some of the ways that cheating can be stopped or detected.

•Don’t allow cell phones and...