Consequences of cheating

Essay by chucky_me June 2007

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I was assigned the task to find ways to cheat using new technologies. Iwas shocked to find out that there are so many ways you can use technology tocheat in the classroom. Some innovative ways students are cheating areswapping test answers by cell phone, camera phones, PDA's, internet phones,and web sites dedicated to help students cheat.

One of the web sites I found interesting was

They claim there vision is to stimulate learning and build a community wherestudents come together ( Vision statement). What they are inreality is a huge database of essays that are uploaded by students. The essaysare rated by the staff and students, poorly written essays are deleted out of thedatabase. Membership only costs about fifteen dollars a month for unlimiteddownloads.

One of the most common items that almost every student has these days is cellphones. The modern cell phone is just not for talking anymore.

Phones are comingwith a lot of memory to store more than your address book. Most new phones havecameras, music player, instant messaging capability, and internet. These phones makeit much too easy to pop open a browser and just Google the answers to your testquestion. If that doesn't get you the results you want you can use AOL's InstantMessenger to ask a friend; seems like taking a test is like playing the game show WhoWant to be a Millionaire.

Another high tech device used by students to cheat is the two-way pager. Justthink of the possibilities. Pagers are very small, and they can be set to vibrate whenincoming messages are sent. The Motorola T900 two-way pager has a handy flip downkeyboard that you can use to type messages very quickly. I think of the two-way pageras a high tech way of passing notes except you can ask questions of anyone with...