Students Using Technology to Cheat

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Students Using Technology to Cheat

September 25, 2007



Students using technology to cheat is becoming increasingly more as technology evolves. In the research conducted, the information founded, informed of what devices are being used to cheat, how the devices are being used to cheat and what step are being taken to help combat the problem.


Students Using Technology to Cheat

Into today's generation, students are using technology as a way to cheat. Cell-phones, I-pods and Personal Data Assistant's are the means students are using to cheat. School administration is using lock down testing, school bans and gadget detectors to combat the problem.

In class cheating has gone high-tech. Experts say cheating McCabe (2007), are not just writing down answers on a crib sheet and pulling it out during a test, but text messaging answers to other students through cell phone. In addition cell-phones can be used as wireless devices to access the internet and instant messaging.

Students are using I-pods to download test answers to test and using their tiny ear-phones for audio answers. I-pods are so tiny students are able to hide it in their shirts running wires through their shirt sleeves and hiding the earphones with a beanie or hat over their ears, making it easily accessible through audio recorded notes or recited answers while taking an exam.

PDA's have high resolution graphics making answers easily accessible without the need for earphones. Typing in information, test answers are so easy; just like a miniature computer. PDA's like cell-phones and I-pods are coming out with wireless technology making it simple access the internet and text messaging capabilities.

Researching the different testing systems available for schools, found that most colleges and universities are using software systems and doing what is referred to as lock down...