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Everyday, the U.S.A is giving the world something new, but no one ever asked for the reason, is it because of education, responsibility, facilities, or just because they care to improve and develop? The internet which is almost the greatest invention of our society was invented in the U.S.A .

One of the reasons that the countries of the third world do not have inventions is because of illiteracy which means that the majority of them do not have a good education. Another reason is ignorance, meaning that for example parents in certain locations push their sons to stop education and to begin to work. The final reason is because of the low income as even if a person has the mind to create a new invention he may not have the tools to create it, and if he does, he might not find the way to make it famous because advertisements are very expensive.

Furthermore most new inventions may be unrecognized. The U.S.A invented the internet which now became a way for developing business, a way to communicate =, to gain knowledge, and also an entertainment way to spend leisure time.

The majority of scientists and also common people prefer to travel to the U.S.A . Hence there must be a relationship between success and financial facilities. Whenever there is an invention, it is in the U.S.A and most of the times, inventors are not Americans. An example for that is the great scientist Ahmed Zewil, who is originally Egyptian. Ahmed Zewil discovered the femto second. This happened in the U.S.A because they called for him and he accepted due to them promising him to benefit. They were going to supply him with whatever he needed as they were interested in his inventions. They looked for improvement...