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The Royal Versailles Palace is one of the world's greatest palaces. Versailles, which was a small hunting pavilion, was built for King Louis XIII in 1623 and rebuilt in 1631.The Versailles Palace is very well known for its chateaus, gardens and parks. One of its most famous characteristics is the Hall of Mirrors. In 1682, Louis XIV chose Versailles as his permanent residence. Versailles became the Baroque palace known to the world as a symbol of culture and pleasure.

Louis Le Vau rebuilt this Royal Estate in 1668. Vau enlarged the chateau in two main phases. Then, in 1678, Jules Hardouin Mansart also enlarged the chateau. The interior decorations were under the supervision of Charles Le Brun. Le Brun also supervised the positions of the sculptures. Andre Le Norte directed the gardens at Versailles. King Louis XIV took over Versailles in the mid 17th century. He thought the chateau was too small for the royal family and its noble visitors so in 1661 he began to rebuild the then small two-story building.

King Louis XIV put Jules Hardouin Mansart in charge in the major changes of the palace.

The cost of the Versailles Palace when it was first made was over 2,473 HA. Now, the Versailles Palace would only be worth 815 HA. The Versailles Palace is also one of the largest in the world with 700 rooms. The Chateau alone is 8 acres. The gardens cover 250 acres. In all, the palace covers 42,000 acres!

The Hall of Mirrors is one of the most attractive sights at Versailles. In 1678 this was a simple terrace. Mansart built a gallery-which was decorated by Le Brun- in 1686. This hall contained some of the finest sculptures in all of Europe. In 1689, candle stands, vases, silver tables, and furniture...