Very sad and lonely poem about suicide

Essay by Pacojaleb September 2004

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To all those I've loved,

I can't take this any more,

By the time you read this,

I'll be waiting at Hell's door.

I'll be weeping as I cut my throat,

But not for my worthless soul,

I cry for the family I leave behind,

And the friends left with a hole.

Because it's for them I've been living,

I don't want to cause them distress,

I smile so they don't see my pain

I quieten it with my stress.

But at night, behind closed doors,

I watch the candle's steady wax drip,

I feel it searing through my skin,

And I hear my demon-flesh rip.

So don't weep over my bloodless body,

Save the emotions for one who can hear,

For as they lower me into the silent earth,

My corpse shall shed no tears.