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My critical essay paper is on "Vietnam: A Necessary War" by Michael Lind. Vietnam is an interesting country to me because my parents talked a lot about the horrible war. I was fortunate to be born in America and raised as an American. I am half Vietnamese and Chinese and this essay pertains to China and Vietnam. About this essay, the author is mitigating the reason of America's taking part in the Vietnam War. Michael Lind explained several points for American's involvement in Vietnam related to the unspoken agenda of the Russian's communist regime. Michael Lind started the essay by explaining Ho Chi Minh's political background which obviously pointed him in the direct connection with Soviet Union Stalin's communist policy.

The argument of the essay is that American intervention in Vietnam served many long-term benefits. Michael Lind perceived that the Vietnam War is part of the Cold War and the third world war.

Many Vietnam War opponents believed that Ho Chi Minh was a shallow leader for only the time being and U.S.A involvement was not a worth cause. However, Michael Lind believed that Ho Chi Minh a super war villain leader next to Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union and Mao Zedong, China. Ho Chi Minh had many high networks within the communist political arena. For example he was a member of a Communist International and founding member of the French Communist Party, which is global network of agents and spies forced by Soviet Union. The author tried to explain to the leader that Ho Chi Minh was part of the Soviet's master plan used to test America and Europe interest in world politics. Michael Lind conveyed that The Vietnam's War was only a strategic battle between Soviet Unions and United States to fight a proxy war. During the...