A View of Judaism

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A View of Judaism

Laura Gabbard

Western International University

HUM 127 Religions of the World

John Papazafiropoulos

April 21, 2006

A View of Judaism

Judaism is a monotheistic religion like Christianity and Islam. For most people that is all they know of it. There is a long tradition to this ritualistic religion. Its' originator is Abraham, again like Christianity and Islam. Today, as it was nearly from the beginning, all three exist in Israel. Christianity and Judaism are like brothers, related but different. Jesus, on whom Christianity bases itself, was a Jew.

Judaism considers Abraham, and his son Isaac the father of their religion. Abraham nearly sacrificed his son for God. The stories of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and many others are in the Old Testament of the Bible. The first five books are known as the Five Books of Moses or the Torah. All of Judaism uses the Old Testament and the law of the Talmud.

According to Judaism, there is one God-Yahweh, the divine, creator god.

There are certain central beliefs that all forms of Judaism share. It is a monotheistic religion. Life is sacred, and life exists for the love of God. Judaism centers on a covenant with God, as illustrated in the story of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. The Ten Commandments are the laws of God, given to man. Another sign of the covenant with God is circumcision. It is a religion of ritual and prayer from daily life to yearly holidays.

The Interview

To gain further knowledge and insight into Judaism this researcher visited a synagogue and spoke with one of it's' attendees. Har Sinai is located in Baltimore County, Maryland, where the suburbs meet the country. Not only is it a place of worship, but a school...